AZUL Consultancy is a local consultancy with over 5 years of experience focusing on projects for social change.

We are specialized in project management, organizational and institutional development of local associations, and in innovative behavior change communications and campaigns, in Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique.


To deliver professional solutions for social challenges through tailor-made projects that use innovative management, communications and outreach methods based on a specialist network and tested experience. We focus mainly on youth projects and believe in the power to change.


Contributing to social change through a self-confident, aware and responsible new generation.



Excellent Network

We believe that the success of our projects depends on the functional network and good coordination with all partners working in a sector. Therefore, we focus on establishing and maintaining a strong partnership with all governmental institutions, private companies and non-governmental organisations and a strong team of young, experienced and dedicated activists.

Innovation & Creativity

Social change needs innovative and creative approaches which are adapted to the cultural context and which bring new dynamics and motivation to the target groups. Fresh ideas and proven methods in communication, for behaviour change and for community outreach are crucial to achieve the objectives of each project.

Interaction and Dynamics

A positive and trusting relation with the target groups is ensured through interactive and beneficiary based approaches. Our team tailors its outreach methods to each audience to gain their sympathy and obtain the best collaboration results.


Each project is evaluated in its specific social and cultural context and takes into account all influencing factors to ensure that we address the needs of our target group and adapt our work accordingly.

Professionalism and Experience

Our professionalism is based on a long-term and continuous learning process through collected experiences. Furthermore we are dedicated to our working principles which include serenity, openness, honesty and creativity.