AZUL_Core team

Dorothea Johanna Naujoks

Political scientist specialised in African postcolonial politics, with over 15 years experience in consultancy work with international and national organisations and companies in Germany and Mozambique, focusing on organisational development, gender and youth.

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Luis Zingai Quembo Nhandiro

Finance and human resource manager, experienced in administrative and financial management and program coordination, with a strong background in logistics, NGO work and governance.

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AZUL_Young force

Celia Matusse

Law student from Maputo, powerful voice and a strong woman with leading capacities.

Cosme Luis Vicente

NGOs experienced and specialized in running and developing youth oriented and run projects with a good connection to governmental partners in our Province.

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Joao Juma Saide

A creative mind with exceptional strengths in theatre productions and writing, highly organizes and tirelessly dedicated.

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Merinho Massaete

Our dynamic pole, with natural leadership skills and a recently discovered musical talent.


Pedro Muepetia

The balanced pillar of the group, through his patient character and volunteer work.

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Daniel Sinamunda

The dedicated young man with unbelievable capacities to change and grow professionally.

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Bruno Abdulrabo

The energetic and powerful youngster of the group that unites the team in laughter.

Rui Rita

Energetic and active young man, who discovered his talent in photography! Thanks for all the visual documentation of our projects!