The networking and strong collaboration with experts of different areas, depending on the project and the topic, are crucial and essential for our work.

“Excellent. And if you ask me why, I’ll tell you: because we do not have to remind Azul to submit reports about their activities. Azul feels obliged to show what they are doing….Not only that, we have had several sitting and meetings to discuss one and another aspect, exchange ideas. They really assisted the governmental institutions to improve one and another aspect—-So regarding their collaboration with us: Excellent.”

Representative of the Provincial Department of Transport and Communications

“… with the Road Safety campaign and its awareness activities for children, youth and the overall population, especially for those living close to roads, the number of accidents has reduced drastically.“

Representative of ANE, National Institution for roads

“We are very grateful concerning the work of Azul. Azul did a great job…. Azul is, in fact, a very serious and responsible partner in projects. When they are carrying out an activity, they are on the field working. I believe truely, that they will continue working this way in the future. Here in our city, we need a lot more of those projects. “

Representative of the Municipal Council of Pemba

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation